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New Products For May

LED Matrix 8x8 Red 3.75mmLED Matrix 8x8 Red 3.75mm
LED Matrix 8x8 Red 3.75mm
€ 4,32
SPDT SwitchSPDT Switch
A simple changeover switch
€ 0,25

Tactile Switch 6x6x6mmTactile Switch 6x6x6mm
Tactile Switch 6x6x6mm
€ 0,21
Tactile Switch 12x12x7,3mmTactile Switch 12x12x7,3mm
Tactile Switch 12x12x7,3mm
€ 0,67

Tactile Switch 12x12x5mmTactile Switch 12x12x5mm
Tactile Switch 12x12x5mm
€ 0,46
9V to Barrel Jack Adapter9V to Barrel Jack Adapter
9V battery clip to 2.1mm jack adapter.
€ 2,14

Monthly Specials For May

Arduino Uno R3ControllersArduino Uno R3
Arduino Uno R3 with ATMega328
€ 26,64€ 24,36
Save: 9% off

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